After an intense campaign and many weeks of hard work by a dedicated team backed by a huge amount of public support, this week the news was gratefully received by all that the campaign had been a success and achieved its initial aim and objective.  The official announcement was given by the Essex Success Regime that after listening to public opinion the plans had been revised and that all three local hospitals would remain open to ‘blue light’ emergency ‘999’ ambulances.

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As the polling stations closed

This week on election day as the polling stations were preparing to close their doors, seal the ballot boxes and sending the to the count a small group of dedicated campaigners gathered outside the count location in Southend-on-Sea to raise continued awareness of the campaign to #SaveSouthendA&E Continue reading As the polling stations closed

A cove inland?

While on a recent break away and looking for places to visit I had a request from my daughter to visit a place she had learnt about in GCSE Geography.  Always keen to encourage continued learning, I agreed and we set of for a place called Malham Cove, but it is not a cove on the coast, this cove is in the middle of the country some distance from any coastline! Continue reading A cove inland?

Smoke and mirrors of extreme energy extraction

Companies state that UCG is not fracking, is this an atempt to make it sound safe and promote it as a method of energy extraction?

Don’t let the smoke and mirrors cloud the true perception, don’t believe the myths.  Extracting gas by means of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is a highly polluting extraction process which around the world has been largely unsuccessful with disastrous consequences. Continue reading Smoke and mirrors of extreme energy extraction

Still Saving Southend A&E

Last night saw well in excess of 100 concerned members of the public, local councillors, electoral candidates form most parties (although there was a distinct lack of blue), the old and the young gathered for a meeting organised by the Save Southend A&E action group.  Continue reading Still Saving Southend A&E

Nuclear power threat continues

What more could demonstrate the un-stability  of the nuclear industry than the events that took place this week at Hanford, Washington USA.  News sources reported how a tunnel in the nuclear finishing plant collapsed.

The tunnel, part of a plutonium and uranium extraction facility (PUREX) reportedly contained highly contaminated materials including nuclear waste trains that are used to transport radioactive fuel rods.  As radioactive material is difficult to dispose of, it is common practice to burry it under the ground. Continue reading Nuclear power threat continues

Turnstones on the pier

A Sunday afternoon spring walk along the pier was complemented by a relaxing glass of wine on the decking outside the pavilion building.  While sat there taking in the sunshine, sea air and general atmosphere I spotted an unusual winged visitor hoping amongst the tables with the pigeons. Continue reading Turnstones on the pier

Nuclear power fuels nuclear weapons

Update from BANNG Meeting 25.04.2017 – Bradwell/Nuclear Power.

By 2030 the UK wants have 16GW capacity from nuclear power – double what we have now to provide 40% of required output.  Of the new sites identified as suitable the first is  Hinckley point C which it was estimated could cost £25BILLION although some reports put this closer to £37BILLION.

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