Photo workshop.

So yesterday I spent a fun evening, conducting a photo workshop of sorts; passing on knowledge and techniques to a photographer friend.

I am by no way an expert in this field and the technique is relatively new to be, but I have a passion for photography and am always happy to share knowledge with others.  So when a friend requested tuition in my recently discovered medium of long exposure photography I was more than happy to oblige the request.

Thankfully, at the arranged time and location weather conditions were favourable and traffic although a little light at times was sufficient for requirements.  I find a nice steady flow works out well (at the location to heavy traffic would have resulted in queuing traffic which would not be suitable for the objective of the exercise).

Location 1, was a site I had visited before, a busy T junction near the centre of town, which I figured would be a good starting place for our evening. Having dabbled before I was accustom to the settings required for my Cannon DSLR and was soon set up and capturing some pleasing images.  For my associate (S), this was all new and a little time jiggling with settings and experimenting was needed to get similar results from his Pentax K-5.  Taking a little time to find the individual cameras best suited ISO and F/ settings can be a little fiddly and even frustrating at times but is time well spent.  Once you know the most effective combination of settings it is a much simpler process next time.


Timing and location was again on our side as while capturing the steady flow of traffic several fire engines, blue lights blazing, passed by where we were situated (on route to what proved to be a false alarm) providing a nice high level detail to some of the images that were captured.

After getting to grips with settings a number of successful shots we moved on to Location 2. Something new I had wanted to try, but had been reluctant to do alone in the dark; trying the same technique but from a higher viewpoint.  A pedestrian footbridge slightly out of town looked to be a good location, setting up needed a little care as at the higher vantage point the proximity of the streetlights proved to be an issue at some points on the bridge.  However, as the footbridge spanned a jewel carriage way there were many options to get good results.


More examples of my results can be found at: Long exposure photo evening and the other photographer’s results can be viewed at: Delay

Both parties enjoyed the experience and will be looking for new locations and options to engage in further endeavours in the technique.


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