Suburban parking troubles alleviated

Residents of a suburban street have recently spoken of their relief and delight when parking problems eased in their street.

Early in the new year the first signs of developments were noticed when workmen appeared early one morning, installing barriers outside number 15.  The occupant, know to some as ‘The Admiral’, due to his mutli-car presence in the street, remained cloistered during the process and did confer with any fellow citizens.

To understand the significance of the activity you first have to understand the background behind the situation. The Admiral (real name unknown) first moved into the quiet residential street about 5 years ago.  At first there was just a single car but over time this expanded and the size of the cars expanded.  Frequently one or more of the vehicles would be parked outside other properties and at times not moving for days.  (While no one complained directly to the perpetrator this would at times cause inconvenience for others).

As works got underway, it soon became apparent that, yes indeed the Admiral was (thankfully) having a driveway installed at the property. Residents observed that over the following days the kerb was dropped and a sloped run in installed.  Works had appeared to have halted at that point when  shortly after a skip was to be depsoited outside the property. Residents peeped from behind the net curtains to see as the once tidy garden with its lawn and rose bushes was swiftly ripped up, soon to be replaced by an expanse of block paving.

Residents have exclaimed contentment now the admirals fleet is safely stowed on the front of his property freeing up the spaces outside their own homes for them to park their own vehicles.


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