Blustery blue bin crisis

So Thursday was ‘Doris Day’ when a lot of the country was battered by strong winds.  Unfortunate timing as Thursday is also ‘Bin Day’ in my part of town.  As in many areas bin day is now a military operation with 5 different types of refuse to be left out:

  • Pink bags – glass, cans, plastics etc.
  • White bags – textiles
  • Blue caddy – food waste
  • Blue box – paper and cardboard
  • Black bag – non-recyclables (personally have very little or none in this one).

I should point out the official directions are these bags & boxes should presented on the edge of the property by 7am on the scheduled collection day and should not be placed on the public footpath or grass verge or road (or you may be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice).

Bags were not an issue ( a couple of empty wine bottles ensured sufficient weight) and were duly collected; however it is the blue caddy and blue box that are an issue on days like ‘Doris Day’.  Now as I work regular office hours I am not at home to see when these are emptied or what happens to them after that.  Mostly returning to the street on ‘Bin Day’ there are boxes and caddies left on pavements, verges and kerbs; rarely are these returned to the property.  As the winds of Doris raged these blue boxes did not stay in place and went on a journey of their own.

Returning home on dark, windy winters evening, to an even darker than usual street, due to ‘new‘ street lighting (one of which doesn’t even work) my box and caddy were no where to be seen.  I checked the garden and those near by, scoured the gutters and between parked cars (not the admirals) and there was no sign of my recycling receptacles.  The search area was extended to the length of the road, scouring possible resting sights by touch light, but as the winds continued to rage it became evident that the receptacles were nowhere to be found.

Returning home empty handed (if you exclude the torch) there was then the problem of what to do with my recyclables now?  Strictly against just black bagging them I needed this resolved.  On previous occasions I had used the council website to report a missed collection; a little research found I could also report lost bins.  Two online forms latter, completed with some suggestions for how this could be avoided, and replacements were on order.  I was left wondering just how many similar request would be made and just where all these boxes would have gone?




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