So Saturday I and approximately 249,999 others congregated in Tavistock Square to March to parliament square in protest at what is currently silently happening to the Nhs.  

I arrived in London on a coach organised by a coalition of local campaign groups, parlitical parties and unions.  Arriving at 11:30 am crowds were already massing, a sea of colours from banners, flags and giant balloons was fast growing as people began to assume ready to walk and stand up for what the belive in.

As the crowds began to grow regular chants could be heard, from the crowds eager to have their voices heard.  Finally shortly after 1pm the front began to move forward and the large procession began to wind it’s way from Tavistock Square towards Parliament Square. Passing through the streets of London tourists and shoppers stood back, some cheering others taking photos.

Along the route more journalists than I expected were there cameras snapped and TV cameras focused on the crowd from the road sise and the air. As the front of the demonstration neared Parliament everything halted as the procession was temporarily blocked by a wall of paparazzi. After a short interlude of frantic shutter snapping we were allowed to continue.

Parliament square steadily crowded beyond capacity as the stage became the centre of attention. First for musical entertainment provided by the NHS choir then for an array of speakers.  Campaigners, nhs workers, union officials, political leaders and celebrities all took their turn to speak in defence of #ourNHS.

The fight doesn’t stop here, in fact it has only just begun. I for one am glad to say I was here, I was one of the 250,00 and I will fight the fight going forward for change.

The current government has to be stopped from silently privatising section by section of the NHS.

In 2012 the Conservative government stripped the NHS of its previous legal status which has allowed the privatisation to begin. Now it has to be stopped.


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