Lights out

In a previous article Blustery blue bin crisis I made reference to the poor and faulty street lighting.  Now we are a few weeks on and still the faulty light remains out of action, leaving part of the street in darkness.

The problem seems to be a new street light which was installed next to the older style one.  Presumably when the new light was put in place the older one was disconnected, which in its self would not be an issue.  However, it would seem that whoever installed and disconnected failed to connect the new light.

Now surely you would think that it would not just be that had noticed that it is darker than it should be and that the light is not functioning as it should.  So perhaps I thought someone wold report said fault.  But it would appear that has not been the case.  So as with many thing, a few days agi it was down to me to attempt to rectify the situation.

Another on-line form tot the local council; another auto-response … within 5 working days ….. now waiting to see what happens next.



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